News from the nest #1

First, thank you everyone for such a positive response to the launch of our project and webpage!

Before all this officialness, however, in April we ran our first pilot project, asking the question “what do ants like to eat at this time of year along an altitudinal gradient from Coffs Harbour to Bald Blair (on the top of the range)?” A change in altitude of approximately 1330m occurs along this gradient, representing one of the largest inhabited lines like this along the east coast.

We had 11 schools along this gradient participate in the project, with students from Year 2 at Martin’s Gully Public School through to Year 10 at Coffs harbour High School collecting data for us between the last week in March and the first week in April. The data you collected allowed us to have a first look at any patterns occurring along the gradient.

You can view a brief summary of that data here.

Although we didn’t see any obvious pattern, we’re collecting this data again in November, increasing the number of participating schools from 11 to 28. If you’d like to be involved as an individual during this November data collection period, please contact us!

School of Ants also had some great media exposure in the June issue of the New England FOCUS Magazine.  It was nice to get the word out this way – thanks FOCUS!

Our next event is an ANTBLITZ, held as the finale of what will start as a National Science Week event “Little things that run the world”, opening at NERAM in August. More on this soon!


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