Learn about ants; their diversity, distribution and diet in Australia, and their role in nature as well as in our everyday lives.

This project is a great environmental education initiative for Australian citizens, immersing them in the natural world to learn about ants; their diversity, distribution in Australia, and their role in nature as well as in our everyday lives.

Engaging in and contributing to the science, collecting data and tracking ants, Australian citizens and school students can help answer big ecological questions and broaden their world to insects, the most abundant creatures in the world, and those we could not live without.

Code of Conduct

Our CODE OF CONDUCT - the ethics of using invertebrates in research is a topic not often brought up in schools or every day life for that matter! But if you’re a participant in the School of Ants project, you might find yourself with questions about collecting methods. Please read our Code of Conduct, which aims to provide guidelines to participants, but also briefly explain why killing some worker ants for research might be OK. We also direct you to further information about using animals in research if you would like to know more.




ANT words


Symmetry art challenge

Make your own ant antennae


MORE education resources coming soon, but in the meantime, check out these great resources for Red Imported Fire Ants, developed by the Queensland DPI.

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Educational resources upper primary early secondary

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