25 years of Landcare with insect hotels!

Southern New England Landcare celebrates 25 years, and this Friday 25th July School of Ants in conjunction with the New England North West Regional Science Hub will help out making insect hotels at Black Gully revegetation site.

Behind the New England Regional Art Museum, we’ll stack wooden palettes six high and stuff, place, drill and pile natural materials to encourage colonisation by a range of insects, spiders and other critter at the site. Approximately 75 school students from Armidale will participate in the activities, which also include biodiversity walks, filling in planting sites, and tours of the nearby community gardens.

School of Ants will have on hand insect ecologists, undergraduate zoology students and postgrads to guide school students, and regale stories of lost worlds at their feet!

We’re looking forward to it!  If you’re in the area, check out our insect hotels over the coming months.

National Science Week might just be the perfect time – we’re also helping with a science meets art event at NERAM!  

Details coming soon….


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